Mini Sessions: Capturing Memories on a Budget

Mini sessions are available at events we attend, offering a fantastic opportunity to capture professional photos of your beloved pets. These sessions last upto 15 minuets and include an Art Mount Print. Mini sessions are a great option for those who want stunning, high-quality portraits without breaking the bank. They allow us to create beautiful memories that you and your furry friends will cherish forever.

Last month, we had the pleasure of attending three amazing events, where we met and photographed a variety of gorgeous pets. At the Bannister Park Market, Portside Wharf Art Market, and the Brisbane Million Paws Walk, we had an incredible time connecting with pet lovers and their adorable companions. Each event was filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of wagging tails, making it a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

One of our standout models from the mini sessions was Dalia, the stunning Border Collie. With her vibrant blue, pink, and purple fur, Dalia was a colorful and lively subject. Her beauty and energy shone through in every shot, and she looked absolutely adorable in her lovely jumper. Dalia’s photoshoot was a perfect example of how our mini sessions can capture the unique personalities and charm of each pet we photograph.

At ME Pet Photography, we are passionate about creating professional portraits that celebrate the love and bond between you and your pets. Whether it’s through our mini sessions or full photo sessions, we aim to provide you with lasting memories that you can treasure for years to come. Join us at our next event and let us help you capture the perfect photo of your furry friend!

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