Who We Are

ME Pet Photography assists animal lovers across Brisbane and South-East Queensland by capturing natural, personality-filled portraits of the pets we treasure. Led by award-winning animal photographer Marie-Elizabeth Pyke, we work with all kinds of animals, and go the extra mile to make sure our furry (or scaly, or feathered!) models enjoy a relaxed, stress-free experience. The end result? A stunning art print that truly expresses your pet’s unique spirit.

What’s in the Box?

Our ever-growing costume collection includes novelty props, wigs, hats, party outfits, character costumes, accessories and more! Looking for something specific to really suit your pet? Get in touch and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Candid snaps in the park can be great…until your pet gets spooked by a larger animal, or it starts to rain! A professional photography studio makes the perfect shot much easier, but an unfamiliar environment can be stressful for animals. What’s a pet parent to do?

ME Pet Photography’s portable studio includes professional lighting equipment, a selection of backdrops and a huge range of fun props and costumes for pets of all shapes and sizes. You’ll get all the benefits of a studio shoot in your own home or preferred location while your pet stays calm, happy and ready for their close-up!

Meet Marie-Elizabeth

The Leader of the Pack

Marie-Elizabeth Pyke is ME Pet Photography’s founder, owner and head photographer. A graduate of Melbourne’s Photography Studies College, she became a professional photographer in 2012. Marie-Elizabeth has worked across a huge range of photographic styles, and is experienced in portraiture, corporate and event photography, as well as video direction and production. She started out photographing humans, but soon realised that her true passion lay in capturing unique, personality-filled images of animals.

Since then, Marie-Elizabeth has worked with hundreds of pets (and their people!) to create portraits to be treasured for years to come. She’s attended puppy birthday parties, gotten up close and personal with lizards and snakes, and even wrangled a whole calendar of Italian greyhounds! Her hard work has been recognised with multiple awards from the prestigious Australian Institute of Professional Photographers at both state and national level.

Marie-Elizabeth has also had the chance to give back. Her volunteer work with the Save-A-Dog Scheme saw her create portraits of rescue animals, making it easier for potential forever families to get to know them and increasing their chances of adoption. Now, she’s doing her part to help the adoptable rodents at Rachie’s Ratirement Home and challenging stereotypes by proving just how cute rats and mice can be!

Whether her model is a guinea pig or a draft horse, Marie-Elizabeth’s challenge remains the same - to capture what makes your pet special. As an animal lover, she’s all about celebrating their quirks, their spirit and the unconditional love they have for their owners.

Marie-Elizabeth adores travel, creativity and all things Disney. She has a soft spot for fairytales - after all, we all need a happily ever after now and then! Marie-Elizabeth lives in inner Brisbane with three Italian greyhounds (Audrey and Zoë, who are male, plus Arthur, who is female) and her very patient husband David, who understands his place in the pack.

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