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Award-Winning Brisbane Pet Photography, Capturing Precious Moments in the Comfort of Your Home!

Our pets have personalities all their own. They can be shy, sweet and gentle – or the cheeky, outgoing life of the party! They’re grumpy seniors, gentle giants, and tiny balls of fluff with enormous attitudes. They’re enthusiastic youngsters who haven’t quite figured out their own limbs. They’re reserved and cautious, but loyal beyond measure. They’re bundles of energy always ready for the next adventure, and wonderfully lazy couch potatoes who love to curl up next to you. They’re regal, dignified companions – and evil geniuses scheming the next dirty sock heist.

Whatever you love most about your pet, it’s their little quirks, their body language and their facial expressions that really let us know who they are. At ME Pet Photography, we create beautifully unique animal portraits designed to celebrate what makes your best friend so special. Our portable studio lets us bring the photoshoot experience to your home or preferred location, complete with professional lighting, backdrops and costume department. Your pet stays relaxed and comfortable in a familiar environment, so their individuality can really shine through!

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